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How My Core Saved My A$$! (Literally!!!)

"The roads were still icy from the storm that had hit Connecticut this past week. Even though I was walking diligently, I felt myself involuntarily skate across the ice and knew that a fall was pending. I also felt my core muscles reflexively contract and was amazed when my skid came to a halt and I found myself still standing and unscathed. I felt like a super-woman!"

Reversing Chronic Sleep Deprivation?

Our bodies are resilient: Losing a couple of nights of sleep won't lead to death. It'll just alter functioning and make us more susceptible to diseases that we otherwise wouldn't be. What many people don't know is that you can actually "catch-up" on sleep and here's the scoop! If you have a few weeks or even months where you're living in "sleep debt" you can actually begin making "sleep deposits" into your health account.