Seeking Wellness Radio - Our Bodies Explained w/ Dr. Virdee


Supporting Winter Wellness with Natural Medicine

In this broadcast, Dr. Virdee explores the affects of winter weather on our biochemistry, genetics, hormones, neurotransmitters, nutritional status and immunity. You’ll learn science-based creative ways to boost your immunity throughout the winter months that are both quick and effective.


Supporting Summer Wellness with Natural Medicine

Did you know that our body composition changes on a genetic and cellular level in the summer months? 25% of our genes change depending on the season we are in! Tune in to hear about how to support your health through the summer months including topics such as: the importance of acclimatization, sun protection, how air conditioning may affect our metabolisms, staying hydrated by choosing electrolyte dense foods, how spicy foods can modify your sensation of heat during the summer months and more!


The Winter Blues - What is it? How can we treat it?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a condition in which people experience depression during the winter months. Many of us notice our mood and energy levels are affected, but not enough to be diagnosed with SAD. In this radio-cast, we explore the importance of setting an intention and creating a plan to happily enjoy the winter months.


Supporting Men’s Health @ Midlife with Natural Medicine

Men are increasingly at risk of dying of preventable diseases due to not seeking wellness check-ups with their physicians. Dr. Virdee discusses the top things men can do to support their health, the clinical aspects of andropause, and how to achieve hormone balance as men age.


Managing PMS symptoms using diet & lifestyle based medicine.

This radio-cast will explore why it is some women struggle with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), the common underlying causes of PMS including hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter imbalances, nutritional considerations and how to implement diet and lifestyle changes to improve hormonal balance.


Probiotics, Fermented Foods and Our Health

Learn about one of Dr. Virdee’s favorite topics — probiotics and fermented foods!

  • How fermented foods boost our antioxidant levels

  • How fermented foods reduce anti-nutrient substances and improve digestibility of grains

  • How fermented foods boost our nutritional status

  • How fermented foods can reduce our susceptibility to environmental toxins

  • How fermented foods improve our immune system in immunodeficiency & autoimmunity!

    • … AND MORE!


Gratitude & Graceful Aging

Did you know that stress can literally shrink our genes (telomeres) making them biologically older, which can contribute to our longevity. AND that we can actually reverse the effects of biological aging through one important practice - gratitude! The simple act of saying “thank you” seems to have major effects on your endorphin and neurotransmitter levels. Learn about how to implement gratitude as a health promoting part of your life.


Seasonal Allergies - Why do they happen? Can natural medicine help?

JAMA recently released a study that found that in people over 60, who took anticholinergic medications (allergy medications), once a day for three or more years were at an increased risk of dementia. Sublingual immunotherapy, antioxidant mast cell stabilizers, sinus rinsing, and the benefits of cleansing for the natural treatment of seasonal allergies will be discussed.


Our Brains on Social Media

Susceptible individuals will exhibit the classic symptoms of anxiety and depression after using social media. This radio-cast explores the latest research on social media and our mental health and how to modify our use of tech to improve our health,


Sugar, Diabetes & Overcoming Sugar Addictions

In this radio-cast we discuss the differences between refined and unrefined sugars, how fatty liver develops, signs of pre-diabetes including “hanger”, energy dips/irritability, and how to overcome your sugar addiction.


Conversations with an ER Physician

Dr. Whalen, an emergency physician, joins Dr. Virdee to discuss the top reasons that cause people to become patients of his in the ER. Common causes include automobile accidents, undiagnosed cardiovascular diseases, bone fractures, suicide and chronic pain. Together, they explore the ways in which emergency medicine and naturopathic medicine work in synergy with one another.


Part II: Our Toxic Households & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome

Dr. Virdee discusses how susceptible individuals may accumulate chemical toxins from their environment and develop multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. You’ll learn about common chemicals that we are exposed to, where the exposure comes from and how to optimize our detoxification pathways so that we can stay balanced in spite of our toxic environments.