Ongoing Contributor @ Naturopathic Pediatrics

Dr. Virdee is an ongoing contributor at Naturopathic Pediatrics, where she blogs about how to support our children’s health in creative and educational ways.


Whole Mama’s Podcast: Lead Education, Prevention and Treatment

Dr. Virdee was honored to be featured on the Whole Mama’s Podcast for her work in the field of environmental medicine and detoxification. Here you’ll find all the information new parents should have on lead detection, testing and treatment of lead poisoned children.


Case Report: BK Nephropathy Integrative Management - A Peer Reviewed Publication

In this publication, Dr. Virdee discusses ways in which she’s helped support kidney transplant patients prevent organ failure while supporting the clearance of chronic viral infections that often present in transplant patients.


Could Unknown Food Allergies be Making You Sick? - A Peer Reviewed Publication

In this article, Dr. Virdee discusses uncontrolled cases of asthma that improved after identifying and eliminating food triggers and providing targeted antioxidant supplementation for the lungs.

iFloat Radio: The Link Between Chronic Prostatitis, Pelvic Pain and Depression

In this podcast, Dr. Virdee is interviewed by David Conneely on the topic of chronic prostatitis and it’s relationship with depression. They explore the mechanism behind how this happens and the importance of identifying this factor as a potential contributor of chronic pelvic pain to help men find permanent relief.


Andropause - Transitioning into Midlife for Men

In this article, Dr. Virdee discusses common causes of “andropause”, the syndrome that includes symptoms of lowered stamina, libido, energy and mild depression at midlife. She also discusses ways to improve hormonal balance naturally.


Busting 3 Myths about Lactose Intolerance

Dr. Virdee is featured in this article about dairy related food reactions.

While I trained at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, I was able to attend a monthly clinic at Puerto Penasco in Mexico where we provided care to otherwise underserved populations. Here is a video about my work with Naturopaths Without Borders on one of my favorite topics - Men’s Health!