Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance plans do you accept?

I am contracted with Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, United Healthcare/Oxford. If you have a different insurance plan, please call Revive Wellness Center at (203) 387 1540 to find out about you insurance benefits and other options for working with me. 

What exactly is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND)? 
How are you different from my medical doctor (MD)?

Naturopathic doctors are family practice physicians who, like medical doctors, are trained in conventional diagnosis and treatment. However, naturopathic physicians believe that our bodies are capable of healing naturally when treating the entire person, instead of just their symptoms. 

We do this by taking time to identify and treat the cause of your illness. When you work with your naturopathic physician, you’ll find that you’re encouraged to ask questions and learn about your health. This is because they embrace the original meaning of the term doctor, which is teacher. 

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine stated that a physician must “first, do no harm” when providing treatments for their patients. You’ll find in working with an ND that you’re provided with low-side effect and minimally invasive recommendations for treatent. Finally, naturopathic physicians are always learning measures that one can take to prevent illness, and in working with an ND you will find solutions that are specific to your individual susceptibilities to illness. 


Will you work with my MD?

I am happy to work with medical doctors as well as any other practitioners who are part of your healthcare team! Upon request, I can provide your medical practitioners with progress notes on our work together in improving your health. 


How does the education of NDs compare to MDs?

That is an excellent question! My husband, an emergency physician, and I went through our respective medical programs together. 

Our training was comparable in terms of basic and clinical sciences. Courses included anatomy & physiology, cadaver lab, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, etc. These classes provided us with the same medical understanding of the human body and disease.

However, there were also huge differences in training, listed below:

Nutrition: Naturopathic doctors receive 200 hours in nutrition, while medical doctors receive around 20 hours or less. 

Other therapeutic options: Along with learning pharmacology, I was trained in herbal medicine, physical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, lifestyle counseling, and more. 

Clinical training: While my husband spent his last two years in rotations with specialists, I practiced in an outpatient family practice clinic. This is where I received extensive experience in treating the conditions that people commonly come to their primary care physician for help with, including migraines, back pain, anxiety, depression, menstrual problems, erectile dysfunction and more. 

Residency: Unlike MDs, residencies are optional. There are limited residencies currently available for NDs, so placing in a residency is a extremely competitive. During my residency, I was able to focus my clinical experience to male populations, allowing me to focus my training to men’s health. 


Why should I work with an ND? 

How many times have you gone to the health food store and been recommended expensive supplements that do not work? I know that I have! It can become a full time job to figure out what diet is the healthiest for you and what natural therapies could help you and your family feels better, naturally. 

In working with an ND, you’re saving your time and money by going to a specialist in the field of natural health.


My friends and family tell me that NDs are “unscientific” and use unsubstantiated therapies... Is this true?

The world of naturopathic doctors is as varied as the world of medical doctors. Like medical doctors, there are some naturopathic doctors who utilize therapies that have only been validated through strict clinical trials and extensive scientific research.   

Then there are the medical doctors who recommend therapies that have little to no supportive evidence outside of their own clinical experience. This is true of naturopathic physicians as well!

Every doctor has their own balance of empirical vs. scientifically evidenced therapies that they utilize in clinical practice. My undergraduate training was research heavy, so I find that I prefer to recommend treatment protocols that are supported by scientific research. I am happy to provide my patients with the references to the protocols that I recommend. 


I’m really busy with my family and career life. 
Although I want better health, I don’t think I have the time to see you.

Experiencing better health can take a lot of time and effort, especially when faced with stress. My understanding of how to combat stress and meet career/personal goals with a natural lifestyle came during medical school. 

I will be able to help you meet your healthcare goals based on your comfort level. We can spread out your appointments and make realistic goals for you to meet in between appointments. We can also follow up by phone, so that you can see me during your lunch break or other convenient times, for example. 


What’s your process in treating people? 

The first visit is when I get acquainted with your specific health goals and complete medical history. During this appointment, my goal will be to determine the underlying causes of your illness. 

By the end of the appointment, you will have a unique healthcare plan specific to your needs.

The follow up appointments are important for me to determine your progress, answer any questions that have come up, and most importantly, provide additional support, if needed. 

My end goal in working with you is it help you determine your bodies unique needs for health and wellness. Your metabolism and hormones can change with time, and I’m always available to see you.


WhaT are the benefits of working with you? 

Some of the biggest problems that people have with our current health care model is the lack of time that primary care physicians have with their patients. Losing this valuable face time with physicians strips patients of the ability to learn about their medical condition, how their diet and lifestyle relate to it, and their options for treatment. With me you will get:

·      Longer in-office visits
·      Easy and convenient booking
·      Complete diet and lifestyle counseling pertaining to your health
·      Adequate time to ask any questions that come up during the visit
·      A unique healthcare plan specific to your healthcare needs
·      Weekly open office hours to answer any questions that come up after the visit for current patients, free of charge
·      That wonderful sense of empowerment that comes with being in control of your health and wellness


OK, I’ve read everything and I am ready to take this next step for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. 
How can I reach you? 

You can book an appointment with me at Revive Wellness Center (203) 387 1540. Should you still have questions for me before booking an appointment, request a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with me. I'll answer any and all questions you have then.