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The Resolution I'm Urging You Not to Make

This New Years, I'm asking you to say "No" to resolutions, new health habits, and fancy diets.

Quell all the NYE excitement and countless optimistic options for self betterment in the new year.


Because you are the most perfect version of yourself in this very moment. You as who you are. When we ask ourselves to change for superficial reasons (such as for a redundant day that happens to be the first day of the new year), we eventually lose inertia and give up. Naturally, that causes us to feel as if we have failed ourselves. And we have all felt the weight of disappointing ourselves before. It's heavy, and often it sticks with us and makes it hard for us to improve ourselves. 

Instead, I'm asking you to start the year off by doing nothing. Just sit with yourself in this present moment. Make it a date, go out somewhere by yourself. Or stay in, whatever you prefer. But spend time alone with yourself. Note how you're feeling physically and emotionally and accept all parts of yourself as you are now. And tomorrow, sit with yourself again. And again.

All that self acceptance will eventually become unconditional love. Because self acceptance is key in courting yourself. Allow that love to expand, allow it to nurture you more then any new habit or resolution would.

Self-love is key to a fulfilling year ahead. 

Happy New Year!

                        Dr. Virdee 

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